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Hispanic Analysis

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OYE! listens to consumers in their own space online and delivers insight on what multicultural consumers have to say about your brand and/or industry. Understanding consumer attitudes towards brands, their products and their marketing efforts provides our clients insights that inform their multicultural marketing strategy.

Actionable Insights

OYE! is a language neutral social listening software that analyzes conversation in all languages to derive meaning from unstructured social conversation among multicultural consumers. OYE!’s natural language processing solution is designed not only to identify African American and Hispanic consumers of all levels of acculturation, but to also derive insights marketers can use in campaign strategy, messaging and targeting.

The Solution

Insights derived from social conversation by OYE! provide key details into multicultural consumers through their own statements about brands. OYE! analyzes that conversation to allow brands to understand better ways to interact with these groups. OYE! also provides insights on how to create campaigns tailored to these multicultural consumers.

The Value

Leveraging insights from OYE! allows clients to produce content for multicultural consumers most influential over purchasing decisions for your brand where they want it, when they want it and how they want it. The result: Better conversion, lift and engagement.


This analysis was extrapolated from a data set of 350,000 conversations on Twitter, of which 3,410 were from verified Hispanics. All the data was gathered from 07/29/2019 – 08/04/2019.


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Analysis by Language | Top Shared Posts

Language Volume Analysis

Volume by Language

  • Among Hispanic tweets about Healthcare, the majority were in English (90%).
  • Verified Spanish tweets about Healthcare had a very low volume of only 24 posts, or 1%. Most popular healthcare terms are in English and people generally use the words "health" and "healthcare" rather than their Spanish counterparts when talking about healthcare in America. For this reason, 9% of conversation is Bilingual.
  • Wordcloud

    Wordcloud Analysis

  • Among Hispanic tweets about Healthcare, the Top 5 words, (aside from Healthcare and Health), were Insurance (205 posts), System (193), Free (192), Job (187), and Plan (168).
  • An example of a tweet with the word 'System' is Cindy Gamez's tweet stating that America's Healthcare System is in the dark ages and how poverty strikes the middle class when a family member falls ill.
  • An example of a tweet using the word 'Plan' is Omar Ramirez's tweet in which he expresses his disapproval of Senator Kamala Harris's College and Health plans for her 2020 Presidential Campaign.
  • Other common Healthcare related words include 'Mental' in reference to Mental Health and 'Trump' in reference to President Trump's views and actions regarding healthcare.
  • Topic Analysis by Language

    Language-based Topic Analysis

  • The majority of Hispanic tweets about Healthcare were in English. Because Hispanics mostly discuss Healthcare online using English terminology as discussed above, most otherwise Spanish tweets were classified as Bilingual.
  • Popular topics across English and Bilingual Twitter conversations are Obamacare (Health Insurance Programs), Medicare (Health Insurance Programs), Customer Service (Customer Service), and Benefits (Products).
  • A unique topic among Bilingual conversations is Accounts (Memberships).
  • A unique topic among English conversations is Coverage (Services).
  • Top Shared Posts

    Top Shared Posts Among Hispanics

  • Maria's tweet about Healthcare is in regard to Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell's tweet where he talks about Healthcare rather than first focusing on safe elections and avoiding Russian Interference, earning him the moniker #MoscowMitch.

  • Hugo's response to Bette Midler's tweet, in contrast to Maria's above, is a retweet about not focusing on Russian interference with elections because Americans care more about jobs, healthcare, etc.
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